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Expert review of DCPL's proposed plans

Mount Pleasant Library -- The Renovation and Expansion Plans

DC Public Library wants to renovate and expand the Mount Pleasant Library. This sounds like a good thing, right? Upon examination of the proposed plans, many Ward One residents have issued serious concerns. The two biggest are with the proposed accessibility ramp and the proposed rear expansion. More recently, there have been red-flags raised about the renovation and what it will do to the historic building (remove the historic sunroom & gut the interior).

A community petition was started and is on it's way to over seven hundred signatures. There are many community groups standing in opposition to the plans. Three of four Ward One ANC's are skeptical of the plans and want a meaningful discussion about them. But nothing has swayed DCPL leadership so far and they want to move forward.

According to expert review, DCPL is squandering an opportunity to build a satellite library in the Ward. In addition, they are not negotiating in good-faith with residents about the controversial aspects of the plans and exposing the City to lawsuits if they construct what they are proposing.

ADA specialists and consultants have looked at the plans. Historic preservationists have looked at the plans. Fire safety experts have looked at the plans. They all agree that these plans need to change.

Please review the links below to get a sense of what's at stake with this project.

DCPL's Plans:

Community Concerns:

  • Petition showing some of the major concerns with the renovation and expansion project.

  • List of groups and letters they signed showing skepticism and opposition to the proposed plans.

  • Historic Mount Pleasant letter to Councilmember Thomas who is Chair of the Libraries Committee

  • Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1D, in Mount Pleasant, compiled a list of resolutions with regard to the library project

Expert Review:

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