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Ward One Library Petition

This petition will show the amount of care and concern Ward One residents have about a central community issue -- their only Ward One Library, the Mount Pleasant Library.

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DC Public Library leadership has not finalized plans or received construction permits for their designs. These plans still haven't been given the complete green light by the community and so there is still time to weigh in.

In particular, there are two major constituencies affected by DCPL's proposed plans -- seniors and library users with disabilities and neighbors living and working in the buildings around the library. Library advocates, like you, can help make the difference.


The current accessibility ramp brings library users into the front of the building down a 3-foot decline along a 40-foot ramp.

The proposed new ramp is about three times the length and the height (7-foot incline; 120-foot long ramp) and sadly forces library users into the rear of the building.

photo by N. Shia

Ward One residents are asking DCPL to eliminate the proposed ramp and keep the current ramp -- this won't interfere with the project plans in any significant way all the while upholding dignified, welcoming, and safer access.

The proposed library expansion plans show that part of the new building in conjunction with the proposed ramp will completely block entry from Lamont Street to the shared backyard behind and adjacent to the library.

photo by DCist

Given the recent history of fire along this shared corridor between 16th Street and Mount Pleasant Streets, DCPL's proposal to completely block this entry route will only further stifle already limited fire safety and emergency access which increases the possibility of disaster to residents, businesses, their property, and perhaps even their lives.

Ward One residents are asking that DCPL more efficiently manage their design and move it laterally, far enough away from the northwest corridor entry point so to eliminate the blockage.

With just a slight adjustment to the expansion plans in conjunction with keeping the current access ramp, both of the remaining legitimate community concerns will be ameliorated and DCPL will get the expansion they think they need for their library services and the community will get a dignified construction plan which respects neighbors living around the library and our Ward One seniors and residents with disabilities.

The District Dynamos ask that you sign a petition in solidarity with Ward One residents who will be negatively impacted if DCPL's proposed library design plans move forward. Ward One residents deserve better -- and this is still possible with your support.

Please sign the
petition today!

Please also contact Councilmember Jim Graham and Councilmember Harry Thomas and ask them to call for public meetings so to bring DCPL leadership together with Ward One residents to review and discuss openly changes to the proposed library design -- simple and unobtrusive changes which can provide safe and welcoming access for seniors and residents with disabilities and changes that seek to widen fire and emergency access to the shared backyard behind the library.

Jim Graham (Ward One)
Office Phone: (202) 724-8181
Harry "Tommy" Thomas (Chair of Libraries Committee)
Office Phone: (202) 724-8028