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DCPL Visits ANC-1C For the First Time

On Wednesday Evening, March 4, 2009, ANC-1C was surprised to see Mr. Archie Williams and Mr. Chris Wright of the DC Public Library.

Earlier in the day, ANC-1C asked DCPL to come instead to the April monthly meeting because the Commissioners surmised DCPL would not have any more new data besides what is on the DCPL website and that we ought to wait for DCPL to fulfill their pledges to dig up a whole bunch of information yet shared with the community, as promised to Councilmember Jim Graham at the ANC-1D hosted library meeting the night before.

But since DCPL was there, the Chair invited them to speak.

This would be the first time that DCPL has presented any images and presentation in a formal way to any ANC in the District of Columbia.

Here are the videos.

Part 1

Part 2

To follow up the meeting, ANC-1C sent this message...

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 11:41 PM
From: "Chris Version II.O"
Subject: Thank you and Follow-up Questions (DCPL)

Dear Mr. Williams and Mr. Wright:

Thank you coming before Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C last Wednesday evening.

As a Commissioner, and member of the ANC-1C Public Services Committee, with deep interest in the Mt Pl library project, I was happy to see that for the first time ever, an Advisory Neighborhood Commission was shown, from what I can tell, the most current design images in large color printouts (not just in a "personal binder").

* These are the most up to date library design images, right?

Thank you! These efforts are certainly a step in the right direction for a better DCPL and ANC collaborative relationship ... and thank you Mr. Wright (Chris) for allowing the ANC to keep these design plan printouts for Commission records.

I do want to point out that our Commission still expects more meaningful budget info, including expenditures to date and anticipated expenses going forward. Plus we need real timelines about permitting and construction plans as well as any news on temporary facilities when these are ready.

From praise to inquiry -- my questions have been starred (*).

Mr. Williams, you made reference to several important dates that went by too quickly for me to get in my notes.

* Can you review again for me the "outreach process" with a timeline.

Of course there are the three design meetings that have been held, but you mentioned dates for when you actually met with the Mt Pl Condo Association, Historic Mount Pleasant, and also mentioned a date for when Pedro Aviles was first contracted to get community feedback.

* We'd like to ask that you please review this timeline again with our Commission by email as soon as you have a chance.

Two more questions, for now:

* Our Chair Bryan Weaver asked Archie a poignant question regarding the date or juncture for when the Board of Library Trustees (BoLT) gives a thumbs up to new library designs that emerge from the design process as facilitated by you and DCPL staff. You seemed confused by this question, so I wonder if in writing it makes more sense and perhaps you and DCPL can explain better how the BoLT is involved in the design process.

* We also want to DCPL to be clear with the community... as far as we know there is no other money in the pipeline for expanding Ward One Library services besides the 11+ million dollars for the Mt Pl library project we have before us now, right? When in the future do you foresee additional funding availability for other Ward One library projects?

Looking forward to hearing from either of you or both and we certainly appreciate you entertaining the Commission again at a meeting in the near future.

With regard,
Commissioner Chris Otten, ANC 1C02
Coordinator of the Ward One Library Coalition

cc: Bryan Weaver, Chair ANC1C
Mindy Morretti, Vice Chair ANC1C
Stacey Moye & Nancy Shia, Public Services Committee ANC1C
ANC1C Commissioners
Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian
Tommy Thomas, Chair of DC Council Libraries Committee
Neil Rodgers, Clerk of DC Council Committee on Libraries
Jim Graham, Councilmember Ward One
Ted Loza, Council Staff Ward One
Adrian Fenty, Mayor