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ANC-1D Hosts Community Meeting on the Library Project

On March 3, 2009, ANC-1D hosted a community forum to dialogue about the Mount Pleasant Library project.

Ward One Councilmember, Jim Grham, helped facilitate the meeting.

More than thirty residents attended -- many who have been invested in this project for a while, including Commissioners from around the Ward.

DCPL leadership was also there including Jeff Bonvechio, Capital Construction Manager and Archie Williams, DCPL Intergovernmental Liaison.

Below are videos of the meeting in chronological order.

Part 1 -- 6min

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Jim Graham helped sum up the meeting by receiving several pledges from DCPL in order to open the process to a bit more engagement and so to inform the community's decision going forward. Some of these pledges included:


* Cost & Space Analysis
The community intends to see the dollars associated possible building options such as:
- a renovation of the building and more efficient use of the current space with no expansion
- a renovation and partial expansion so to recoup any space lost with renovations to upgrade mechanical components and to meet current accessibility requirements.
- how much would it cost to operate a satellite branch and expand services to another location in Ward One.
- how much money could remain in our construction pot if we renovate the building and attempt to expand services to another Ward One library

* Needs Analysis
The community wants a better understanding of the rationale for decisions and the design process. DCPL is expected to show reports regarding:
- the "Building Program" being used to drive the architects and their plans. How was it derived, why the cookie-cutter program for all DC libraries?
- DCPL's pressing desire for a large meeting room on the side of the building (the "ice cube") given the potential availability of meeting rooms in Bell Multicultural and other nearby public buildings
- an analysis of how another library in Ward One could help alleviate increasing use, especially by children, of the current Mount Pleasant library building.